Hyderabad Blues 2 - Full Movie : English [2004]

Hyderabad Blues 2 is a story of Varun ( Nagesh Kukunoor ) who is having the perfect life one can wish with a great job, good wife, interesting life and with no kids. He has been married to Ashwini ( Jyoti Dogra ) for six years now.

Ashwini now wants to start the family but he is not interested in it. Ashwini then decides to learn tricks to lure her husband from Shashi Aunty ( Anu Chengappa ). She also seeks the help of her friend Seema ( Elahe Hiptoola ) who is running a marriage bureau. Advice given by Varun's friend and Seema's husband Sanjeev ( Vikram Inamdar ) only aggravates her problems instead of solving them.

About this movie

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Indian Cinema
Language: English
Running time: 1:51:07
Partner rating: GREEN
Released: Jul 2, 2004
Quality: 480 (DVD equivalent)

Cast & Crew


  1. Tisca Chopra
  2. Jyoti Dogra
  3. Anuj Gurwara
  4. Nagesh Kukunoor


  1. Nagesh Kukunoor


  1. Nagesh Kukunoor


  1. Nagesh Kukunoor

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