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Raj & DK never miss - Guns & Gulaabs review

So yes, we have finally watched Guns & Gulaabs, and for our review, where do we start? The series is made with way too much creativity e...

So yes, we have finally watched Guns & Gulaabs, and for our review, where do we start? The series is made with way too much creativity engaging the audience along its way. The series is based in (Gulaab)(gan)j, and that's how they got its title Guns & Gulaabs.

Character Development

The development arc of all the characters and their respective casting could not have been better. Starting from Tipu by Rajkumar Rao who hates his father but yet becomes the same personality and yet has a bit of himself hidden inside i.e. how much he loves Lekha Ji and how much he wants to Avengers his friend and his father, no matter how bad of a human he was. 

The late legend Satish Kaushik plays Ganchi seth, Gulaabganj ki zameen ka mehboob. As much as we have loved him in comical characters, he nails a negative character too with his usual quirkiness, unfortunately just for the first few episodes and goes in coma for the rest of the series.

Jugnu aka Chhota Ganchi by Adarsh Gourav was the best character of the series, who failed to become like his father, who was trapped under the assumptions of ‘Ganchi sahab hote to zarur kuch karte’ and that's why he had to kill his father just to get rid of those assumptions. Like every main character, he went crazy after the death of his one and only friend. At the end of it all, he even dressed up like a girl in front of his father showing that a girl could not have handled his business, and he couldn't do so either.

Then we go to inspector Arjun by Dulquer Salmaan who's very cool and relatable due to his taste in music, he likes to drive alone on the hilly areas with his music cassette, basically drowning into the vibe. He goes from an honest guy to a shady cop which makes him realise how tough it is to handle 2 different characters which makes him let go of one of those at the end.

Now, we move to 4-cut aatmaram aka Gulshan Devaiah, who undeservingly gets a very short amount of screen time compared to others. He plays a typical psycho hindi villain, who loves killing people. The way he talks, the way he kills, the way he bargains is what makes him special.

At the end, coming to the supporting characters jinki casting mein bhi creativity hai. For example - Suneel, Tipu's friend and his twin brother Aneel are played by real life twins Gautam Sharma and Gourav Sharma. All the children, Kamarcut, Chandralekha, Sukanto, Nabeed, Mahendra, SP Mishra are great in their own ways. 

The Negatives

Nothing is perfect in this world. Everything lacks something or the other, just like this series. Here, it was the childish love stories of the 3 children, Nannu, Gangu and Ikhlaq which was somewhat necessary to set them up in the climax but yet was too stretched. 

The Positives

You can just consider everything we haven't mentioned in The Negatives section as a Positive aspect but it's our job to write a review so here we are. 

The artistic intro and outro of the series mentioning all the characters is something hindi cinema rarely does nowadays. Special mention to Satish Kaushik's name in the outro on a calendar making us remember Anil Kapoor's ‘Mr India’. 

The series shows a natural comedy which goes along with the story and the characters and is not filled with forced punches or dialogues. 

The narrator is something new in modern cinema who makes the series much better in every scene whether it be thrilling, comical, or anything else that too without any extraordinary dialogues. And he disappears in the middle for some random reason and later returns for the last episode. The narration gives a much needed comical relief to the series. Whoever you are, a big salute to you. 

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