Milana - Full Movie : Kannada [2007]

RJ Akash (Puneet) has been in a broken relationship with Priya (Pooja Gandhi). He agrees to get married to Anjali (Parvathi Menon) only because of his parents express wish. When the marriage ceremony is over- Anjali demands a divorce from Akash as her marriage is a sham and she was forced into the marriage by her father when she actually loved Hemant. Akash agrees to give her a divorce and brings her to his flat in Bangalore.

Eventually Akash and Anjali become friends and Akash even reconciles and brings Anjali together with Hemant thanks to his radio program but it turns out that Hemant was one who loved Anjali only for money and was well paid by Anjali's father. Anjali is horrified and attempts suicide but Akash convinces her to move on and encourages her to apply and study in the USA.

As time goes by- Anjali falls in love with Akash but Akash does not realize it till the end when he stops her from Flying to the US and they live happily ever after.

Cast & Crew

Directed by Prakash
Produced by Dushyanth
Screenplay by Prakash, M.S. Abhishek/ M.S. Ramesh
Starring Puneet Rajkumar, Parvati Menon, Pooja Gandhi, Sumithra
Music by Mano Murthy
Cinematography Krishnakumar
Editing by S. Manohar
Release date(s) 2007
Country India
Language Kannada

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